Since our inception, LeysenTogether has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality search practice dedicated to Building Back Better.

As Britain steps up through the gears into its bright new future, it has been stated that we will Build Back Better.


Better technology, better working practices, better distribution of wealth, better awareness of the needs of others, better personal values of kindness and respect. There is much that we can build on that can be better.


We must also face the challenges of the societal and financial damage done as Brexit and Covid pass on, and help to fix Britain’s balance sheet through honouring the tax system and employing British taxpayers.


There will need to be new businesses that will step up to this new, higher mark, offering (in our case) highly skilled British technology talent, whilst we also co-invest in training and people development on a grand scale, as we do in digitally-charged resourcing and delivery capabilities. But we get up each morning being aware that we will always place diversity, inclusion and social responsibility at the heart of what matters to us as a business. Good is what good believes, and therefor what good does.


We launch our new enterprise here – we are experts already at delivering Digital and Quality Engineering talent from the companies that lie behind this new brand.  LeysenTogether is so much more than a brand – it is a whole new way to engage, with Building Back Better is at its core.

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Derek Wreay


Derek has been involved in IT recruitment for over 4 decades and has been chairman of APSCo (the recruitment industry's trade body).  He develops strategies and is still very much hands on in the process of senior hires for our clients.

Email Derek

07973 158143

Jon Riley

Projects Director

Jon has been with Leysen from the start and offers a wealth of experience in not only individual hires but also building and managing teams for our clients.  He comes with an enviable track record of success and commendations from our clients and candidates alike.

Email Jon

07595 219795